DeWight Truitt, introduced as "Dee Villain," but is down to be the hometown hero. The twenty six year old from Pensacola, Fl is steady making moves and crowds move with him. Dee Villain is a story teller, a lifestyle rapper, and has this Villain movement going on teaching people that they can do ANYTHING that they want to do because it's all a mind set and a work ethic. Life ain't fair, get over it. He leads by example, so I don't know how else to describe him except for real. Anybody that he crossed paths with wouldn't hesitate to tell you that he was the most chill dude they've ever met and joins the Villain Army without even noticing. You're either in the way, on his side, or by his side so choose wise. Show dates are called "Safety Meetings" and if you don't know why, ask!!! Long story short, come chill with a villain.


Song: Way Back             Album: Safety Meeting

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