Elevated is a local rapper that started in Pcola. He started rapping at the age of 13. Elevated and DJ Bodyslanga came up with the group name Twisted Minds with St. Pete as their beat man. They created their first album titled Twisted Minds and performed all over the Gulf Coast. Soon after a chain of events occurred and Elevated had to make a decision that helped him with his rap career that would brake the group up. He decided to move to Mobile Alabama to pursue his music and start his own brand Untamed Music. The label consists of Maverick, Replay and himself. While living in Mobile, Elevated started putting on his Hip Hop monthly in Pensacola at the Handlebar bringing in a gang of local talent, The Hip Hop Beer Buffet was born. He has produced 5 mixtapes, 1 collaboration mixtape dropping and another album in the works. Untamed has performed several shows across the Gulf Coast and has collaborations with dozens of local artist from Pensacola and Mobile. Elevated has a collaboration album with Maverick titled "Peace Of Mind" which has been delayed due to Elevated's run in with thLeague.


Song: Imma Hit It Hard             Album: Peace of Mind EP

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