Juztin Sane is an independent american emcee from Lawrenceville Georgia that has been ripping up the southern states for over a decade. He has an extremely lyrical and complex flow. He is very versatile with his content, but many say that his dark undertone is what he excels at. He has released 2 full length albums and 1 full length mixtape under the label Bloodtooth Records. He also has one group album, and has been on countless records as a featured artist. He has collaborated with KRS-One, Twisted Insane, C-Mob, The R.O.C., GrewSum, Kid Crusher, Killa C, G-Mo Skee, and more. He's also shared the stage with many skilled emcees such as Gangsta Boo, T Rock, and Lil Wyte of Hypnotize Minds, Rittz, Insane Clown Posse, Twisted Insane, Esham, Scum, plus many others. If youre down with batshit crazy lyrical antics with a touch of the dark side, then you may possibly be down with Juztin Sane.


Song: I Did That             Album: Fishin 4 A Vision

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