Jermall "Madd Mall" Robinson Sr, was born in Kenner LA. He is an up and coming rap artist who fell in love with music at a young age. He has learned lessons and was inspired by artist such as Tupac, Soulja Slim, Master P, and the Hot Boys. Madd Mall raps about life lessons in a poetic laid back style of music and with the vision and determination to "Camouflage the City" paying homage to those whom he label as teachers. With a "soulja" mentality, he brings life into his music by speaking on different situations and struggles. His main goal in todays' music industry is to succeed, teach, and give back just like those before him. With a word-smith type delivery, Madd Mall continues to grow as an artist and be his best as He keeps God first he sets out to deliver "Camouflage City" to the world!


Song: Parkin Lots             Album: Unknown

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