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Y'Tiki, born Wyteeke Harris on June 29, 1990. From Pensacola, FL, born and raised. I am me, can't be nothing else. Main focus in life is to succeed at whatever I do. And music has been a way for me to express myself mentally, and physically. Been doing it about a year and a half now, and have figured out that I have a real talent at it. Really want to use music as my success in life. I see that it can take me to great places as long as I put God first and remember where I came from and who are the people that help me get there. Hope that whatever problems that you have, my music can sooth you and ease your mind. Making music to uplift and explain life as I see It thru my own eyes. Thank you and I hope you enjoy it.


Song: Loyal             Album: UNKOWN

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