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ARSONWAVE was formed in the ashes of the band Drayton Sawyer in 2015 and went under the name The Departed. Kenny Gerbick (guitarist) had come around at the ending of Drayton Sawyer bringing a completely new sound and element to the table. At the time it was only a 4 piece instrumental group. Nick Cote was currently the drummer and had decided to transition to vocals. The band had collectively decided that Cote was in his element as frontman and lead vocalist of the band and began to search for a drummer. In March of 2016 Mike Turpin joined the band and took full reign as the drummer of ARSONWAVE. It was a fit like a missing puzzle piece to the band. With only one practice with Turpin it was quickly determined that he was the remaining missing piece to the group that they had been searching for. All of the instrumentals for the bands full length album “EMBRACE REALITY” were engineered by Gerbick in late July of 2016. In early August ARSONWAVE traveled to Los Angeles, California to track all of the vocals for the album with Joseph McQueen of Echelon Studios. Music is life for this group of musicians and ARSONWAVE is about having a good time with good people and never taking anything for granted. Keep the music alive. #DumpEmOut


Nick Cote - VOCALS
Kenny Gerbick - GUITAR
Casey Shuler - BASS
Michael Turpin - DRUMS


Song: Night Terror( Sample Cut)            Album: DEMO

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