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"A TRIAL OF OUR    STRENGTH, A TESTAMENT TO OUR ANGER.”- This is the epitome of    
ENDORPHINS LOST,a fierce and manic power violence    outfit based out of the    Pacific    Northwest. The band has constantly    evolved since its conception in    2009, increasing in speed and intensity while amplifying its rudimentary overtone of misanthropy and the inherent dysfunction of mankind

The debut release “BLOOD PACT” (2013 - WHAT’S LEFT/BAD PEOPLE/NUCLEAR ASS RECORDS) was a steamroller of    crusty    grindcore mixed    with pummeling d-beat. "BLOOD PACT" was    immediately followed by    a split    seven inch with    Indonesia’s    TERSANJUNG 13 (2013 - self released) which was supported by a lengthy southeast    Asia tour in 2013/2014.    The band then released a    split seven with grind violence    maniacs    from South bend    Indiana    FLVX CAPACITOR (2014 - ROTTEN TO THE CORE RECORDS) and toured the West Coast/Mexico in 2015. After drafting new personnel the band is in top form, releasing its most relentless display of audio violence to date - a split seven inch with San Jose Riff merchants DEATHGRAVE (2016 - ROTTEN TO THE CORE RECORDS). They followed this release    with an    extensive U.S. tour and are at last, releasing their first full length titled “CHOOSE YOUR WAY”. This upcoming album will be released by the    legendary SIX WEEKS RECORDS is hitting    turntables in    November 2016.    "CHOOSE    YOUR WAY" showcases the    band’s new lineup, a combination of primal power violence and of metallic hardcore punk. This incendiary    contribution is    the sign of things to come, with new music and tours in the works, there seems to be no stopping the inevitable. As the seven plagues are a sign of the    apocalypse, ENDORPHINS LOST is the sound of end    times.   




Song: Learn To Forget           Album: Choose Your Way 2016

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