PMVN Featured Artists Arsonwave just release the new video for Night Terror, the first single of their upcoming debut album Embrace Reality. This gave the world it's first look at what the band's original compositions would sound like, with the only fully released track to date being a cover and subsequent video of Bitch I Operate (B.I.O.)  by Lincoln's Box Seats. The video production was clean and straight forward with a slight visual overtone that one could only described as nightmarish. The video however soon becomes an after thought when at the 8 second mark you are slapped in the face by the pristine and well balanced attack as drummer Mike Turpin leads in with an opening fill and all metal hell breaks loose. What follows can only be described as heavy, dark, clean and well produced madness. Lead singer Nick Cote's barking/growling screams along with guitarist Adam McFall's clean vocals seem to stream seamlessly through the mix standing out front in perfect placement. Guitarist Kenny Gerbick's lead shreds echo through the track as if to emulate the dark dream-like landscape that encompasses the video. Casey Shuler's bass lines coalesce with the distorted crunch of the rhythms and drums encapsulating a well rounded, clean and heavy track. If this is the band's first single of their debut release, I believe we are all in for a treat.




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Arsonwave Night Terror (Official Music Video)

Arsonwave Live on the PimpyKast Episode #47

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