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VOIDTHRONE is an unconventional, dissonant black-death metal band forged in 2016 in the Seattle-Tacoma area of Washington, USA. VOIDTHRONE released its first album, “Spiritual War Tactics” on October 31, 2016 on Bandcamp.

The lyrics from this album center on the themes of exile, isolation, and vengeance. VOIDTHRONE is currently playing concerts and is writing songs for their next album.

VOIDTHRONE consists of 4 musicians :
- Ron – guitar (former singer of French death metal band OBNOXIOUS from Lyon, France)
- Dan – vocals (former singer of black metal band Gravespell of California)
- Josh – drums (former drummer of death metal band Flourishing Scourge from Washington)
- Austin – bass (bass player for the funk band Topless Pit from Washington)


Song: Mortification of My Legacy           Album: Spiritual War Tactics 2016

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