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Originally called Two-Percent Milton, Earl's Killer Squirrel got their start on April 6th 1994 at a Sluggo's open mic night. Originally a 3-piece with Earl Lyon on vocals and guitar, "Big" Mike on drums, and Ted Helmick on bass. 5 months later, Rymodee joined the band as a second guitarist and the name was officially changed to Earl's Killer Squirrel. This line-up was together until May of 1997.

Pat Ross played a couple of months with the band too. Rymodee and Ted went on to fame in This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb.

The band was on hiatus until December of 1997, when Dave Kober took over on bass and Jeff Rahn on drums. Doug Gilmore joined the band for a short time in '98 too. Dave and Jeff previously played in a local legendary band called the Unemployed.

"Big" Mike came back on guitar. This line-up of EKS began playing in December of 2000.

E.K.S. made it into Springfest (an annual music fest with a who's who of local and national acts) in the year 2001.

Some of the bands E.K.S. has performed with include the Faint, Fury 66, 88 Fingers Louie, The Huntingtons, Sir Mix-Alot, J Church, Good Riddance, Boy Sets Fire, Cards & Spokes, Paw, Stretch Armstrong, Damad, I-45, The Undead, The Wednesdays, The Nobody's, The WhyIOughta's, The Grumpies, 99 Cents, The Lonely Kings, Liquor Bike, The Hudson Falcons NJ, The Faint, Goober Patrol, The Independents, Shyster, Shindig and Millencolin, Peelander Z, One Eyed Doll, Fourth Estate, Hifi Handgrenades to name a few.

In June of 2006, Benny played with E.K.S. briefly, adding some deft guitar skills and leads. Josh Palmer filled in on drums nicely for the Hifi Handgrenades show back on October 3rd 2007. Shane Langseth filled in on bass until Scotty took over, in 2012.


Jeff Rahn-DRUMS

Scotty Two Tone-BASS GUITAR

EkS is very much still active.


Song: Bloodline           Album: Unknown

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