The Story of ….The Beat Dolls.
 From the ashes of Dallas Punk/Ska band, SkateAroundChippy, The Beat Dolls. arose.

This is a Rock n’ Roll band, that’s obviously, heavily influenced by ‘90’s West Coast Punk Rock and Ska, that offers both a familiar but fresh sound. The Beat Dolls. will pleasantly assault your ears with frantic distortion, brain staining melodies and lyrics, vocals and style that conjure up images of a Gwen Stefani/Cinder Block/Brody Dalle hybrid. Reinforced by the strong, sturdy backbone, provided by the bass and drums, this unyielding rhythm section, will leave you reeling from an aural punch, well into your drive home. The band name was borrowed from a song titled Beat Doll, that Angie’s dad, enigmatic Dallas lo-fi/rockabilly cult hero Jack Starr (on Norton Records, who’s been covered by the likes of Jack White and many others) wrote. It seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
  The Beat Dolls. began much the same way SkateAroundChippy did, with guitar player, Ramon writing music and Angie, writing lyrics. Eventually Ramon moved onto his own band, with Ernesto Calderon, drummer for SkateAroundChippy, to form The Scary Mondelos. This left Angie in need of a whole new band. Angie looked no further than in the mirror and her Austin community of musicians. She found a steady guitar player in herself, a rude thumping bass player in Barry Anderson and a thunder summoning drummer in Mike Reisch, both with backgrounds in Punk Rock and Metal.
  The Beat Dolls. belt out tales of sarcasm, humor, sadness and madness, of which at least one of those every one of us could relate. If you are looking for a processed pop band, you are looking in the wrong place, for The Beat Dolls. sugar coat nothing and you’ll get no apologies from them. Instead, if you’re looking for someone to articulate what’s been festering in that crazy brain of yours, you’ve come to the right place.


Song: We'll See           Album: Death of the Party EP

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