About PMVN Media

PMVN or the PimpyK Multi-Verse Network was started by Kenneth “PimpyK” Stanger in May of 2015. What started as an audio only podcast called “The PimpyK Podcast” soon would grow into full fledged online media movement focused on underground content. PMVN Media is a collective of musicians, radio Djs and podcasters producing unique and unconventional counter cultural substance. The delivery system for this content is driven through 2 main outlets, PMVN Radio and PMVN TV, the PMVN Media official YouTube channel.



About PMVN Gaming

PMVN Gaming is a YouTube and Twitch based gaming community based on the same standards and collective mission as PMVN Media as a whole. While there is an official PMVN Gaming YouTube and Twitch channel most PMVN gamers have their own channels and outlets. Simply agreeing to brand your video with the gaming logo guarantees the gamer access to promotional tools and opportunities not afforded to gamers on their own. Through this collective members share each others streamed gaming session, collaborate in streams and help each other reach the highest levels of gaming. We have no minimums on subscribers, average monthly views, the amount of content you have or how often you stream or upload. All we ask is that you brand your videos and streams and work with other PMVN gamers while staying active within the community. If you are interested in becoming a PMVN gamer send us an email at gaming@pimpyk.com and we will hook you up!

About PMVN Featured Artists

Unlike prototypical promotional companies PMVN stays focused on the artists as whole and not the numbers or units generated by the content. All artists featured on the network have full access to all the perks that comes with being a PMVN Featured Artist at absolutely no cost. We believe as a company that the last thing struggling artists need is to pay a 3rd party to help them get heard and as a result we find other sources of capital to run the network.

Below is just a small portion of opportunities our artist have at their disposal

  • Free promotion and social media group sharing.
  • Tracks spinning on PMVN Radio.
  • Discounts on printed merchandise.
  • Free assistance with digital media, graphics, web design and mixing mastering services.
  • Interviews live on the PimpyKast.
  • Radio and podcast promotion for shows, touring or new music releases.

If you are interested in being a featured artist or know somebody who would. Email 2-3 MP3s, a short BIO (including lineup) and web/social media links to podcast@pimpyk.com



About PMVN Radio

PMVN Radio is a 24/7 online radio station focused on heavy rotation of all artists featured on the network. While the station is typically on Auto-DJ is also contains live shows and artist features. One of the perks of being a featured artist is that you can schedule time blocks and broadcast live from the station. If you are interested in doing your own radio show, send an email to radio@pimpyk.com and pitch us the idea! PMVN Radio is NOT monetized so we have the freedom of playing protected content that is typically blocked or restricted on other media delivery types.


PMVN TV is our delivery system for live, prerecorded and other video. This includes all shows streamed live or uploaded to t he PMVN official YouTube channel such as podcasts, animations, commercials, live events and remotes.



To create a high caliber of content and quality in all forms of broadcasting to better ensure the success and longevity for PMVN shows, partners and associates.


I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/PNsvu72oaf Radio Hate - "Psychotherapy" (Official Lyric Video)

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/PNsvu6KNiH Radio Hate - "Psychotherapy" (Official Lyric Video)

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  • Here's a stinger vid we did for GROUND EFFECTS MUSIC! Like the page, they know what it means to support artists on the grind. #PMVN #GEM #UndergroundMusic #MotionGraphics #PIMPYK

    GROUND EFFECTS MUSIC | Thanks to Pimpy K for this awesome video motion graphic....hit him up!!!


    September 01

  • Sean Tamman


    August 23

  • I was just thinking... It's been a while since we offered free motion designs... So lets play a little game. Post a link to one of your songs in the comments below. Be sure to include the song name, band/artist name, and city your based out of. The post with the most <3 By Friday…


    July 29

  • ::REMINDER:: Tonight 7pm CST Premiere of the new Radio Hate #LyricVideo "MY DRUG"! As a fan of good ole #PunkRock this band has quickly secured a spot among the greats and my personal all time favorites! Subscribe to the channel and thumbs up the vid! https://youtu.be/TfODvmDVeOM #RadioHate #PimpyK #PMVN #Sheboygan #MotionGraphics https://www.youtube.com/embed/TfODvmDVeOM

    Next Show: The Reptile Palace - Oshkosh, WI - July 26th, 2019 Radio Hate - "My Drug" (Official Lyric Video) from the full length album "Psychotherapy". Motio...


    July 25

  • Not looking for a fully animated #LyricVideo? Have something a little more simplistic in mind? Let #PMVN create an audio reactive streamer video for your next single release! They look good, cost less and STILL grab attention! From now until October 1st ALL #StreamerVids are the low flat rate of $50!!! Also ask us about…

    The second single release from Finsternis.


    July 24

  • KILLER new track just released by Finsternis! #PMVN put together the streamer vid. Check out "At The Behest Of The Flesh" Sub their new YouTube channel and give the video a HUGE Thumbs UP! https://www.youtube.com/embed/tA-L-6pWbhs

    The second single release from Finsternis.


    July 20

  • Mark those calendars, set those reminders! NEW Radio Hate #LyricVideo for "My Drug" off the #Psychotherapy album set to premier on YouTube in 5 days! Sub their channel and like their page! Tell em Pimpy sent ya! (Or Large Marge) https://youtu.be/TfODvmDVeOM https://www.youtube.com/embed/TfODvmDVeOM

    Next Show: The Reptile Palace - Oshkosh, WI - July 26th, 2019 Radio Hate - "My Drug" (Official Lyric Video) from the full length album "Psychotherapy". Motio...


    July 20

  • Here at #PMVN we are so stoke about the release of the new Loc Saint album #Angelix and the money he is going to give us for supporting visuals, we thought we would give back by exploiting its release and making even more money! So we give you... THE #ANGELIX RELEASE PROMO! 30% Off the…

    The Loc Saint #Angelix Release Promo


    July 16

  • Recording Artists! If you shoot your own music videos, I bet they are simply sic! Let PMVN do the color corrections/grading and add audio reactive lighting and design assets to push it over the top! Inbox us today for details!


    July 16

  •

    July 12


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