The PMVN Media Terms of Service agreement also known as, stated as and understood as (ToS) or Submission Agreement.

Please read this User Content Submission Agreement carefully because it is a part of the Terms of Service (ToS) agreement and represents your legally binding agreement with us ("Submission Agreement") regarding your submission (and our display and distribution) of content to the Site via certain technology, functionality and/or features we make available to you so you can upload and post such content for display via the Site (collectively, the "User Content Submission Features"), and this Submission Agreement applies regardless of what type of Device you use to submit content to the Site. Unless defined separately, terms used in this Submission Agreement are defined in our Terms of Service (ToS) Agreement

When you submit User Content, or by using or attempting to use the User Content Submission Features, you are signifying your agreement with and acceptance of all terms and conditions of this Submission Agreement as well as the terms and conditions contained in the Terms of Service (ToS)  that govern your legal and contractual relationship with PMVN Media.

Content Use

PMVN Media reserves the right use the submitted media and your (content owner) likeness in any facet of PMVN Media including but not limited to:

  • Commercials and advertisement campaigns. This includes: web presence, radio, television, print and billboard.
  • Live stream event on YouTube, Twitch, or any other streaming service of our choosing.
  • Podcasting both live and prerecorded on any traditional syndication platform including but not limited to iTUNES, Google Play, Android, etc.
  • Internet, Satalite and terrestrial radio broadcasts.
  • Contests, give-a-ways, promotions and subscriber campaigns.

Refusing to drop (allow, agree with or non response to) disputes resulting from (Auto) copyright claims of content publishers will result in your media being blind stripped (removing ONLY your content and not the rest of the broadcast, stream, or ad). IMPORTANT! Any action taken by the content owner or legal representative that results in a copyright strike, cease and desist order or legal complaint will be subject civil litigation in the form of lawsuit and/or arbitration for violating this agreement.

PMVN Media agrees to never produce or market ANY content or merchandise using your legal property or likeness unless otherwise agreed upon in writing (signed contract). Any merchandise you agree to allow us to sale will be governed by a separate licensing agreement not included in the ToS.

Monetary obligation

PMVN Media is not now or ever required, obligated or responsible for any monetary payments or compensation for any royalties, fees, content leases for the use of your content (unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, signed contract).

Removal of owned media

You can request that we cease using your material at anytime by sending an email to with the subject line: “REMOVE MEDIA”. The body of the email must include First name, Last name, a working phone number, up to date mailing address, list of media you want removed by name/file name and any other details that could help us resolve/prevent any further dispute concerning your media, image and intellectual properties. A minimum of 3 weeks will be required to validate the authenticity of the complaint and sender, to identify and remove the content and notify broadcasters, ad agents, graphics teams and consultants.